Type: Genuine, Chardonnay or Merlot flavored

Grain Source: Six different soft grains

Distillation: True four-column distillation process

 Water Source: De-mineralized spring water from the Italian Alps

Filtration: 1st crushed Italian marble, 2nd charcoal, 3rd 2 Micron filter

Distillery Profile: Distilleria Francoli, founded by the Francoli family 1895, produces Due Vodka. In 1951, Luigi Francoli, representing the fourth generation, started a new distillery in Ghemme, Italy. Distilleria Francoli set their sights on producing outstanding premium vodka. With their American partner, Nicola Angiuli, they set out to also create the world's first Chardonnay and Merlot flavored vodka.

Tasting Notes:

Genuine: A clean nose, with subtle flavors of vanilla and a slight hint of anise, the creamy palate finishes smoothly.

Chardonnay: Floral perfume and ripe pear aromas, with delicate citrus notes on the palate, finishing smoothly.

Merlot: Fresh raspberry aromas with a distinct palate of blackberry , with hints of red cherries and chocolate. Smooth finish.



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